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Online learning sites for Literacy

YEARS 4-8 - Fun game to help identify parts of a sentence. - Great challenging interactive literacy games. - Interactive games to help with spelling and writing. - Language games to help with spelling, writing, and vocabulary. - vocabulary games to help with Writing. - Online stories about Merpy and the monsters. 

ALL AGES - Great website for children to create their own story using pictures. The website is suitable for all levels. - Website for students and teachers - keep track of how long your child reads each day, get book recommendations and be rewarded with games after reading time. Teachers can also set up class reading groups for children to work on at home. - Spelling, grammar and writing activities for all levels. - Spelling, writing and grammar games for children - you will need to scroll down to see more games. - Create your own 3d pop up books. -Loads of writing activities for different writing styles for all ages. - Story starters for students who love to write at home. - Online stories.